As a member in your community, you can create new Rooms of your own and you can join public Rooms in your community.

As a Member, you have the ability to start contributing to your community:

You have access to most, if not all, Batterii features, so you can create and manage as many private or public Rooms as you want.

First things first: be sure to update your profile (photo and bio!) and select the notification settings you want. Depending on how often you want to be notified, your digest will tell you what's happening in the community.

Batterii Web Clipper

To make collecting and curating all your content as easy as possible, download the Batterii Web Clipper, a browser extension. Once installed, you’ll be able to save any article, photo or just about anything you find online, by clipping it and sending it to a Batterii Wall.

Batterii Mobile

Download the Batterii Mobile App to start collecting and gathering research on-the-go! Use your mobile device to:

Last: don’t forget to bookmark your community’s URL so that it never gets lost.

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