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Adding Cards to a Wall
Adding Cards to a Wall

Cards are used to link content together in Batterii to create Insights, Ideas, Methods, Themes and more.

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Card types are specific to each wall and are chosen for each wall by the Room Owner. Card types are specific to your organizations terminology. (Insight, Idea, Method, Journey, Experience Map, Spark, Theme and more)

Step-by-step on Adding a Card

  1. Click on the appropriate wall name on the right then click the “+” sign at the top right of the wall. At least three options will usually appear "Upload", "New Note" and "New Link", other card types will also appear if available for that wall. 

2. Click on the card type you would like to contribute to the wall. 

For Example: Lets say you are creating a new "Theme".

3. The custom content template will pop up then add the Title, Description, Cover Image and more.

4. Click the top banner to upload an Image to your Card and then title area "Untitled Card" to edit/create a new card title. 

5. Click below to add content to your card - You have three options "Click to begin typing", "Import from a wall" or "Upload File".

6. Add other key content details including Text, Assets, Uploading images/documents or Add Link to complete the card. Click the "+ Insert Block" in the middle of the card.

a ) Text will insert a new text box between other elements within the card.  
b) Upload allows for an image, logo, document, presentation or more to be inserted between the other content elements.
c) Import Asset allows you to link one or multiple assets from other Walls or Rooms. Click Import Asset and the card composer will pop up at the bottom of the page.
d) Add Link allows you to copy and paste URL. This will scrape the page and pull the site/article title and image and instantly add this to your custom content type. 

*Import Asset - The card composer will show at the bottom of the wall. This allows you to navigate between walls and rooms to drag and drop the appropriate assets into the Theme (card type). 

After you have pulled in the appropriate assets click "Import" and it will bring you back to the card for additional information. 

7. You have the ability can move/drag the all import assets into the correct order within the card, add text or other content in between the multiple items. When finished close the card and it will be on the wall for all participants to see.

Working on cards with others? Add them as a Card Owner.
Click on their name and they will now be added as an owner on the card. Owners have the ability to edit the card, add tags and add new assets to help complete the card.

Tip: Card types are created at the community level to allow for consistency in terminology and practices across rooms. 

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