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Manually Add Community Members (Managers Only)
Manually Add Community Members (Managers Only)

Quickly add an individual to the community by setting up their account and password for them.

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Managers have the ability to manually add members to the community. A couple quick steps will allow you to manually add users. 

How to Add Members

  1. Click the “Manage Community” wheel on the far left.  Only Managers will see “Manage Community" option. 

  2. Go to (+) Add Members page:

  3. Add the Email Address of the person you want to add.

  4. Set their Role/Permission Level: Guest (Can only participate in Rooms they are invited into - they will not see any room in the community they are not specifically added to), Member (Can Join any Public Rooms, create Rooms and can be added as a participant to other rooms), Manager (has ability to Invite people into the community and create Featured Rooms). 

  5. Options: Mobile-only Users  Check the "block desktop app access" box if you do not want the individual to have access to the main desktop app. 

Verify Email Address

  • Verify Email Address will search your Batterii community to determine if the person is already a member or if they were invited previously.

  • Then add the users First Name, Last Name and create a Password. These are required before you can officially add the individual to the community.

REMINDER: Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length and include at least one non-alpha character.

  • Click "Add Member" - you will need to reach out to this user to provide them with their credentials in order for them to log in.

*Disclaimer - For security purposes we recommend inviting members via the traditional email invite. This is only for when the invitation method can't be used. 

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