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Understanding how to Manage Members
Understanding how to Manage Members

Managing Members, Guests and Explorers in Batterii in important so here are some steps to help you understand how to manage members.

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As the Community Manager you have the ability to invite anyone into the community and assign them the different roles of Managers, Members and Guests. You also have the ability to change their roles or remove those individuals if they leave the company, no longer need access or want to limit their role. 

Manage Members
Click the settings wheel on the left and then click on Manage Members to review all Member details.

Review the Manage Members Dashboard 

Filter and Search for Members
Filter list by Members, Guests and Explorers. You can search for a specific user by First Name, Last Name or Email. Plus, Role titles are listed next to each users name to help highlight the different Roles. 

Select Members Name to Edit or Revoke

1. Select Individuals Name - Review their Profile 

2. Edit Role - Change their current role by selecting from the dropdown. 

3. Account Options - Select "Can invite community guests via email" to allow this individual the option to invite external users into their rooms. *For more details on this feature check out this article. 

4. Revoke Users - Click "Revoke Membership" if you want to revoke the individual from the community. The name will still show in the list but it will be greyed out in order for the Community Manager to know they no longer have access. 

What does Revoke mean? Revoking access means the person can no longer log in to the community but their content remains. We maintain the name of the individual in the list as the content they added to the community needs to be linked to a name. 


Click Invitations to see the list of individuals who have not created an account but received an Invitation. 

Invitations to a community expire after 14 days, the email of the invited individual will stay in the list and you can "Re-Send Invitation" if they don't create their account within that timeframe.

Need a little overview of the Community Level Roles? Check out Community Level Roles  article, it breaks down each role and what they can do in the community. 

Still have questions regarding Managing Members? Contact us by clicking the "?" in the top corner of your community. 

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