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Collaborate with others on Layout Boards
Collaborate with others on Layout Boards

Layout boards now have more ways to place, size and lock assets. Plus walls have new and improved edit and select tools!

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Batterii's Layout boards have evolved to the next level, gaining several new features that have been requested by our users. Take a look below for a tour of the new features.

Custom resizing: Assets are no longer restricted to fixed sizes. You can drag from the corners to resize proportionally, use the top/bottom/left/right handles to change the cropping, or hold shift while resizing from the corners to freeform resize to any new aspect ratio.

New layout features: Assets can now overlap each other, snap to adjacent edges for easier alignment, and using the Layout tool you can instantly place your assets into a grid, a cluster, or a stack.

Improved card previews: Cards placed on a wall now give a more robust preview of the content contained inside, showing a longer text preview and images blocks that have been placed into the card description.

Locked assets as layout guides: In addition to our community-wide backdrops, you can now combine the overlapping assets and the "Lock" tool to pin an asset in place to use as a layout or process guide for stickies and images on your wall.
*Tip: When using an image as a backdrop, expanding to the maximum size requires a larger hi-res image. 13500 x 7557 is recommended if trying to expand to the MAXIMUM background size.  

Bulk placement of inbox assets onto the wall: Ready to start working on your movable wall but all your assets are still sitting in the inbox? Now with a single click you can send all assets on an inbox page out onto the movable wall to begin placing them right away.

New Edit and Select menus: We have streamlined our interface and consolidated many of our wall tools into menus at the top, so no matter where you are on your wall you always know where to look to find features like Export, Send, and Wall Settings, to name a few.

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