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Mobile App Troubleshooting
Mobile App Troubleshooting

Is the iOS giving you a "file no longer available" message? Or your Android showing a grey box not your image while in the queue?

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A new version of the app was released during the week of March 4th, 2018, which resolved the issue listed below.  If you have an older version of the app and are experiencing the issue described, then please update it. 


The error message or grey box in place of your photo means the photo is no longer truly saved on your phone. This is due to personal phone settings for space. Don't worry you can still upload to Batterii just with a couple different steps. 


After selecting a photo from your iPhone you get an error message stating "file no longer available" and you wonder why? Well it turns out the photo is likely in the cloud and so Batterii can't find it on your phone. Don't worry! You can still upload this image to your Batterii room you just need to take a different path. 

1. Go to your Photos App

2. Find the image

3. Click the share button in the lower left. 

4. Select the Batterii App to share.

5. Add a title and description for the photo you want to share while also choosing a destination.

6. Lastly, click "Save."


1. Open the Google Photos App and find the photo you want to upload. 

2. Select that photo (it should show full screen)

3. Select “Save to device” from the menu 

4. The photo will download and you see a notification that it is done 

5. Open the Batterii mobile app. Press the ‘+’ icon and select “Camera Roll” 

6. Select your photo from the image picker and then add the title, description and tags before uploading. 

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