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Troubleshooting Error Messages
Troubleshooting Error Messages

Error messages are the worst! Here are a couple ways to avoid a bad image error.

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Bad Image File (Error)
Image Upload Tip: Some image formats uploaded to Batterii may not be fully supported.

Examples of known problem image types are:

- .tif images with multiple layers

- Images that use a custom color profile may not render with completely accurate colors

- .png images that contain multiple layers and/or proprietary metadata (e.g. Adobe Fireworks project information)

- 32 Megabytes MAX size 

- Images that are > 50 megapixels (height in pixels x width in pixels) cannot be uploaded.

- Maximum dimension for one side: 16,000 pixels.

These image types may not be able to be uploaded as a logo because their atypical format prevents Batterii from manipulating the image and generating the necessary image preview.

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