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Search within a Room
Search within a Room

Use the Search feature to find assets within the room or within all of the rooms you have access to by using keywords, tags or other filters

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Looking for assets that have key words in common? Trying to find images that your coworker posted? You can now use Search to find all of the assets you need in the room.

Search for an Asset 

Type your keyword or multiple keywords to in the "search" box to get started.

Click enter/return and your room results will show.

Filter your results in multiple ways

1) Select multiple walls

2) Select one or more users

3) Select the Asset Type (Image, Video, Insight etc)

4) Search by specific Tags

Click "Apply Filter" on each of the filtering options to apply these to the search.

Double Click on any of the Assets to view it.

Tip: Filtering by Walls, Users and Asset type will deliver results based on "OR", if the asset is on wall or by the user or by the asset type. Tag filters deliver results base on "AND", the asset must have "Tag 1" AND "Tag 2". 

Select Assets from Search and Add to a Wall

Use the search results to easily add one or more items from search to a wall.

Now you can select multiple items in your search results and quickly drag and drop them onto another wall.

Not finding the asset (image, video, insight) you are looking for? Or know there are more items that are related across rooms? Use the Global Search to Search All Rooms!

Just click "Search all rooms" at the top of your search results and it will launch a global search of all of the rooms you have access to.

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