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Sorting/Viewing Content and Likes on Assets
Sorting/Viewing Content and Likes on Assets

Use the many filters on the walls to sort the wall content by most likes, newest content, oldest content and more.

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Sorting / Viewing Content and Likes 

Explore view allow for walls to be viewed by specific sorting functions - Newest, Oldest, A-Z, Z-A, Most Likes and Live Update.

Use the top right sorting functions to view content. You can double click on any item to "Like", "Subscribe" or "Comment" on the assets.

Sort on Mobile
Walls on mobile can be sorted by all the same criteria as walls on the web: Newest Uploads, Oldest Uploads, A-Z, Z-A, and Most Likes. Just tap the “…” button in the upper right corner of any wall on Batterii Mobile and choose “Sort wall by…”


Click "Most Likes" from the top navigation and it will sort all wall content by likes. This will show the total likes on each asset on the wall.

Want to know who liked the asset? Click on the #Likes on the asset and it will tell you who liked the asset.

In Moveable Wall View sorting occurs in the Inbox. This can help you move through the content and find the assets you want to place on the wall. 

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