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Finding Your Room – Home Page Overview and Your Profile
Finding Your Room – Home Page Overview and Your Profile

Find your way around the Batterii Home Page, how to easily find rooms, new content indicators and everything under "Your Profile"

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Your home page is personalized list of rooms relevant to you with room indicators highlighting rooms that have new content you haven't seen! Plus check out some of the Recent Contributions, as these have been added to rooms you can access.
Quickly access your rooms: Joined Rooms, Recent Rooms, Your Rooms and Recent Contributions.

1. Joined Rooms– Rooms that you have joined and participated in. 

2. Recent Rooms–  The Recent Rooms section will show you rooms you have recently accessed (up to the last 6 rooms) 

3. Your Rooms – Filter the left Navigation to see only Your Room (rooms you own). 

4. Recent Contributions - Assets that recently have been added to rooms you have access to. 

Your Profile

You can get to "Your Profile" from any page in the community. 

To get to "Your Profile" and more click your Name in the top right corner.

  1. Your Profile – The avatar and name of the user who is currently logged in. Click "Your Profile" to update your Notification Setting, Update/Change your Password and more.

  2. Your Exports - Links directly to your Export history in order.

  3.  Web Clipper – A quick link for installing the Batterii Web Clipper extension for your browser.

  4. Help Center - Quickly takes you to the full Batterii Help Center where dozens of support articles are available on every Batterii feature.

  5.  Shortcuts - Launch a pop up with all the wall shortcuts you will need.

  6.  What's New! - Quick link to review Batterii's new Features that are now available!

Have a question and you can't find the answer? Click the "?" in the top right corner to start a conversation with Batterii Support.

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