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Favorite Rooms

Favorite Rooms allows you to select up to 8 rooms for you to easily access from anywhere in Batterii!

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You can now favorite up to 8 rooms so they are easily accessible from anywhere in the community.  

Click the three-dot menu (ellipsis) on any room on the home page or from the room directory to see the menu options, click "Mark as Favorite" and it is instantly added to your left navigation.  

You will use the three-dot menu when marking favorite rooms on the home page or room directory. Are you looking to favorite the room once you are working in it? That is just as easy! Click the star in the left navigation and you have added another favorite to your list. 

Reorder your favorites list to put the most important at the top! Or click "Remove favorite" if you no longer want it to show in your list. 

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