January 27, 2019

Updated interface for asset details

The interface for viewing information about content uploaded to Batterii has been given a new look, with a focus on prioritizing the most important information and simplifying the layout. Tags have been made much more prominent for easier categorization of your assets and quicker identification of trends and themes that may be tagged on the asset. Action buttons have been collected into a single actions menu next to the Like button. And all the metadata about comments, how an asset has been used, and other useful details like visual analysis have been conveniently built into a new tabbed layout which allows quick access when you need it, but hides all those extra details when you just want to know the basics of the asset.

Updated Quick Poll response analysis tools

Responding to some recent user feedback on the new Quick Poll Mission type, we have expanded the available ways to view the responses to a Quick Poll Mission. You can continue to view the default aggregated rollup of all responses on the Mission Details Dashboard, but now there is an additional method for viewing all individual responses given by a particular Mission participant. 

To view all the poll answers from just one person, find that participant's name in the dashboard participant listing, and click their name to view only their individual responses in a new modal window.

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