December 8, 2018

Mission Types and Improved Mission Management

Missions in Batterii have been upgraded with powerful new capabilities to allow Mission Managers to engage consumers more easily, better track mission engagement and participant progress, and record new types of responses from explorers. This is all made possible by the introduction of Batterii Mission Types.

No longer generic and accepting any type of response from Mission participants, the new and improved Mission Types allow a Mission Manager to indicate specific types of responses they would like from their participants. The type of mission sent will then provide instructions and a guided experience for the participant to help them easily and efficiently respond to the Mission exactly how the manager requested.

The new types of Missions launching today are Photo Response, Video Response, Concept Review and Quick Poll. See below for a brief introduction to each of these mission types and the new capabilities they offer:

Photo Response

This mission type presents the participant with specific instructions for capturing photos, and allows for the capture of multiple sequential photos without interruption. When the participant is finished capturing, they can select the best photos and discard any others, then enter a unique title and description for each photo before uploading.

Video Response

This mission type, the most commonly used, has a new guided question interface that helps consumers more easily respond accurately to the questions they have been asked to answer as part of their Mission instructions. Before beginning their video, participants can review everything they will be asked, and then upon the start of recording they will be presented with each question, one at a time, which they can then indicate they have answered and move on to the next question. Additional functionality while recording has also been added, most notably the ability to switch cameras between front and rear facing seamlessly while recording, the ability to pause and resume video capture within a single response, and an interface for reviewing their response and easily retrying if the recording was not to their satisfaction

Concept Feedback

This mission type is a modified version of the standard Video Response type where the Mission participant is presented with a video or photo to view prior to recording their video. All the features described for Video Response Missions above are available for Concept Feedback Missions following the initial video or photo presentation.

Quick Poll

This mission type provides an entirely new way for Batterii users to receive responses from their participants. Quick Polls allow for the presentation of custom multiple choice and free response questions, which are then aggregated and presented on a response dashboard for Mission Managers to review. This Mission type can be helpful for gathering easily digestible context and trends across the participant group that can help inform the more nuanced multimedia responses that make Batterii such a powerful qualitative research tool.

All of the above Mission types also feature the following new capabilities:

  • Custom image banners for improved presentation of Missions to participants
  • Enhanced Mission tracking for all response types
  • Robust Mission status review and communication tools¬†
  • Demographic data tracking for Mission Explorers using the Batterii Missions app
  • Fine grain notification controls for encouraging Mission participation
  • Mission Groups that allow multiple Missions to be presented together in a sequence

Batterii Missions app on iOS and Android

The new Mission capabilities are all available in the new Batterii Missions app, now available in the Apple App Store for iPhone and Google Play Store for Android. This app specifically offers Missions capabilities as a companion to the Batterii Mobile app, which will continue to be available with the collaboration capabilities it offers today. 

Batterii Missions is specifically designed to improve the Mission experience for consumer participants on Missions, to make it easier than ever for them to share their valuable insights and feedback in Mission responses.

Here are a few of the notable new capabilities in the Batterii Missions app:

  • New visual design and improved user experience for viewing and learning about available Missions
  • More detailed and informative notifications about assigned Missions
  • Guided responses for each Mission type, including clearly presented interactive questions while recording video responses
  • Enhanced video capture capabilities that allow for pausing video recordings, switching between available device cameras within a single response without interruption, and integrated reviewing of recorded responses prior to submission
  • Quick Polls that allow participants to answer multiple choice and free text responses
  • Concept Feedback Missions that allow participants to view videos or images prior to giving their reaction when recording their response

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